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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I love helping people grow, excel and achieve their goals and dreams. My expertise is in helping people overcome blockages, aligning values with vocation, and discovering unique ways of setting and achieving goals that lead to more fulfilling, successful lives. 

I work with individuals and organizations to bring out the full potential of leaders and teams, enhance their abilities to make better decisions and ultimately achieve strategic objectives.


I know I can help you reach your goals! You need someone in your corner to both cheer you on and nudge you towards success. Just click the "Learn More About Your Free Session" button below to get started on the path to achieving your dreams!


More About Clint


Clint is a talented communicator, excelling in writing, speaking, teaching and working in diverse cultural environments (having lived and worked in Europe and Australia). His clients have included renowned restaurateurs, super bowl champions, and C-suite executives. He has delivered coaching leadership development programs in both the profit and not-for-profit realms. He graduated from Bethany University, earned his MA in leadership and is a Doctor of Strategic Leadership and Executive Coaching. He previously founded a health clinic in San Francisco and played professional basketball overseas.


Clint lives in San Francisco with his wife of 27 years and five kids and has served as the president of the North of Market Community Benefit District, a non-profit organization helping to beautify, enhance safety and foster the arts in the Tenderloin district of SF. He is currently serving on the Stonestown YMCA Board of Directors as the chair of the fundraising committee.


Dr. Clint Ladine

  • Doctor of Strategic Leadership and Executive Coaching

  • Master's Degree in Leadership

  • Business Management Degree Bethany University

  • 15 Years Executive Coaching Experience

  • 13 Years Organizational Development Experience

  • 3 Years University Leadership Experience

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