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Dr. Clint Ladine, executive and success coach and former professional basketball player, knows the difference between a bad leader and a good leader. 


A bad leader is self-focused, believes that they are the only expert. A good leader uses coaching to unlock your hidden potential and encourages you to fly. 


But the most transformative type of leader is a power coach…a coach who helps you determine your own outcomes, find your true purpose, and unleashes the potential in those around you. 


Power Coaching helps you identify barriers to your growth and embrace an abundance mentality in your work life, leadership development, and professional relationships. 


Power Coaching invites you to engage with the person who holds the keys to your next great success…YOU! 


When it comes to your life, you are the expert. Have you ever dreamed about really thriving in your career? Have you pictured yourself becoming a leading powerhouse in your industry? Have you imagined yourself developing an organizational culture as the benchmark for all others? 


All this is possible! Power Coaching can help you achieve your goals and level up your success.


Energize your leadership potential and change the trajectory of your life! 

You ARE a leader.              You NEED this Book.

Power Coaching - The Book

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  • Anybody that reads Power Coaching is going to find the missing piece to their coaching-leadership puzzle. It’s a thrilling read for sure!

    Scott Galbraith, Super Bowl Champion


  • Please allow for one week for delivery.

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